Invited Speakers

Professor Alastair Dawson is one of the pioneers of tsunami geoscience.

His seminal work on the Storegga tsunami deposits in Scotland and his later papers in tsunami sedimentology are amongst the most cited papers in tsunami research!

Alastair’s talk will be on Monday (04/09/2017) at 9.15am.


Dr Raphaël Paris has devoted his early career to the understanding of  tsunami deposits and the development of new methods for identifying  and characterise them (e.g. microfluorescence, X-ray tomography). Some of this work is at the forefront of tsunami geoscience!

He also  contributed to pioneering studies on the geological imprint of  volcanic tsunamis and massive flank failures of oceanic islands.
Raphaël Paris has published more than 50 scientific papers and he was  awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal in 2009 and the EGU Plinius Medal in  2011.

Raphaël’s talk will be on Tuesday (05/09/2017) at 9am.